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Suffering… It’s the human condition…

We incarnate with our very own pure and unique sense of self, but from the moment we emerge earth-side we are conditioned by pressure from parents, siblings, teachers, and society at large with regard to who we are, who we should be, how we are to behave, and what we ought to achieve to be “successful” or “happy” in this lifetime.

Childhood is an extremely challenging time. We haven’t yet mastered the art of being alive, so we are prone to internalizing messages that have NOTHING to do with our innermost truth. Often, who we are is broken down, and we emerge as adults relentlessly pursuing what we THINK will make our life complete.
By the time we hit adulthood we are so busy relentlessly pursuing what we THINK will make our life complete, or give us some external measure of “making it.

So then what happens??​

We find ourselves, burned out, stressed out, exhausted, angry, bitter, resentful, disappointed with where our life has taken us. We tell ourselves that what we are looking for is always just on the other side of that promotion or raise, that it will be in the form of a deeply fulfilling relationship or homelife. We tell ourselves that these feelings are the result of some internal lack, but that cannot be further from the truth.

Are you ready for a truth bomb??

All those external measures of what it means to be a woman, partner, parent, professional, etc…. They are all bullshit. 

100% Grade A Bullshit.
100% Grade A Bullshit.
100% Grade A Bullshit.
100% Grade A Bullshit.
100% Grade A Bullshit.

The sooner we click unsubscribe from the bullshit, the sooner we can claim our truth, and express our fully authentic power. It is only from this space of truth that we can achieve the sense of alignment, peace, success, and fulfillment that we desire. It’s not on the other side of the car, the job, the house, or the relationship. Quite the contrary.

That sense of dissatisfaction, failure, longing, and lack that is constantly nagging you? It comes from misalignment in our life with who we TRULY are.

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Are you ready to find your spark??
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Amber Keyes

Hi, I’m Amber Keyes. I’m a social worker, revolutionary and mama who is passionate about helping people find their spark, live their truth, and LOVE their lives. She loves  helping women embrace who they are and take the steps necessary to create a life they are actively in love with living. 

My work integrates the following:

If I haven’t studied it, I have lived it. I pride myself on consciously creating containers that allow participants to not only absorb the material at hand, but to begin to unfold all of the hidden and unknown aspects of themselves to live a more whole, authentic, and integrated life.