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Amber Keyes -Who I Am

My name is Amber Keyes, and I am a multi-faceted, complex, and dynamic force for good in this world. I have dedicated my life’s work to creating spaces of healing and transformation on the individual and collective level.  I operate under the belief that the moment we embrace who we are, and start making decisions from the space of true embodiment of all of our gifts, that is when the flood gates of opportunity and prosperity open to us all. I am especially passionate about creating inclusive spaces for women to step into their power and grace.

People always want to know what I did before I did this, and the answer is… I did a lot of this, only I did it for free because it is just who I am.

I got my Bachelor’s in Psychology, and I spent several years studying the effects of homelessness and poverty, especially on women and children. I created some community based programs to help at-risk youth, elderly, and homeless individuals. I stood as witness to the humanity of so many of society’s outcasts. I also studied Social Work at the University of Michigan where I not only developed the skills for a clinical setting, but I learned how to take those same skills and apply them to small groups, communities, etc. I dove deep in to community organizing, social change theory, and I learned from some of the most brilliant social justice advocates on earth.

I gave birth to an amazing human, and have put my everything into showing him that he can be and do anything by taking risks, making course corrections, staying in tune with who he is, and never letting anyone put him in a box. I wish the same for my clients.  

What I Do