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When you begin to experiment with Human Design you are embarking on a sacred journey that honors the following cultures and spiritual systems (and integrates two forms of modern science):

Human Design is NOT a novelty, gag, or something to be taken lightly. It is the synthesis of five sacred spirituality practices. It is the penultimate tool of sacred self-discovery. Keyword, sacred.

Who you are is sacred. What you are here to do is sacred. What you are here to learn is sacred. In Human Design there is no right, wrong, good, or bad. Human Design provides context to all your worldly experiences to help you to move through your life as the divinely radiant being you are designed to be.

The Chinese I Ching

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese divination tool also known as the Book of Changes. The I chind contains 64 hexagrams that each contain 6 lines. Each of the 64 hexagrams is called a gate in human design. Each gate has a particular energetic expression, and each of the six lines adds an additional vibration or level of awareness/ expression. In Human Design these 64 hexagrams relate to the 64 gates within the energy centers (see Chakras below) on the chart. They also relate to the 64 codons in the Human Genome – see genetics below.

  • 8 Trigrams (3 lined symbols) represent fundamental phenomena/ archetypal energy
  • i.e heaven, earth, fire, water
  • When you combine you get new energies like “Fire in the Lake”
  • These new energies together create a new type of energy with a new name: REVOLUTION
  • There are 64 different energetic combinations. 
  • Ancient peoples reverently consulted the archetypal energies as a means of divination, or mirroring of the self. 
  • Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Feng Shui, Modern Day psychology, arts, etc  ALL take inspiration from the Chinese I’Ching
  • Human Design has 64 gates that are based on the energies of the 64 hexagrams. 
  • Each gate has 6 expressions known as lines which comes from the 6 lines that make up each one of the hexagrams of the I’Ching

The Hindu Chakra System

Ancient Hindu and yogic traditions described specific energy centers in the body known as chakras. Each chakra has its own expressionistic themes and correspond to different organs in the body. They are a critical component to human health and wellness practices. They are represented by the nine centers in your human design bodygraph.

  • Originally mentioned in the Hindu Vedas, Chakras refer to energetic vortices of energy. 
  • In the Hindu tradition we are most familiar with the 7 chakras aligned with the spine, though it is postulated that there are over 100 chakras throughout the body (but that’s a different story for a different day). 
  • In the Human Design System many of the energetic centers are named after Hindu Brahmin Chakras (throat, ajna, solar plexus, etc). 

The Human Genetic Code

In human genetics there are 64 genetic codons that correspond to the 64 gates of the Chines IChing discussed above. Your genetic code also holds the key to ancestral themes that you carry in your existence in this lifetime.


Astrology uses your exact birth date, time, and place to calculate the location of the planets at your birth (your conscious mind), as well as your Design Date which shows the location of the planets exactly 88 days before birth. This is your unconscious (design/ genes). We use this as the basis for pulling your human design chart.

Modern Astrophysics (Neutrinos):

These highly powerful and invisible planetary particles are imprinted into your genetic makeup at the time of your birth as well as your design date 88 days before birth. They help determine your physical, emotional, roadmap for experiences throughout your life.

  • Neutrinos are unusual particles that carry an infinitesimal amount of mass. About 3 trillion neutrinos, and the material information they carry, pass through every square inch of the planet per second. Our Sun produces about 70 percent of all neutrinos that travel through our solar system, with the remaining 30 percent emitted by other stars in our Galaxy, and a small amount from the planet Jupiter.
  • In 2015, the scientists Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald were awarded a Nobel Prize for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass. Ra Uru Hu published this as the science behind the Human Design System as early as 1991

The Hebrew Kabala System (Tree of Life)

This ancient Hebrew System outlines life’s journey as a series of initiations. These initiations are called channels or pathways. In the Human Design System there are 36 channels similar to the initiations of the Kabala Tree of Life.

  • Form of Jewish mysticism that outlines the ways in which one can interact with God. 
  • Universe split into ten sephiroth that contained within them a unique aspect of divinity that can be expressed. 
  • The lines between them are channels of experience of “sparks” that can be attained through holy action. 
  • When you combine the ten centers with the 22 lines, you have 32 different pathways to God. 
  • In Human Design there are 9 centers and 36 channels based on the principles of the Tree of Life.  

Other keys to your design include:

Your Authority

Each individual has a correct form of bodily authority that is unique to them in their Human Design Chart. This is your means of ensuring that you are making decisions with clarity and ease that are in alignment with your highest possible expression.

Your profile

There are 12 profiles in human design. Your profile gives you the key to understanding how you show up in the world. It unlocks how you see yourself as well as how others in the world perceive you.

Your Incarnation Cross

This is an ongoing theme in your life that gives us both information about who you are and what you are here to actually DO in this lifetime.

There are hundreds more energies and expressions contained in your unique design. Human Design is known as the science of differentiation because it helps unlock every aspect of your divine expression in this lifetime. The best way to develop a strong foundation to start living by design is to book as Discovery Session with me.

Hold up, Amber! Why do I need you? Can’t I just google all of this??

You can, but it takes YEARS of experimentation to fully  uncover the subtle expressions of these unique energies.

Luckily for you, I am not just a certified Human Design Analyst. I have been actively living and experimenting with Human Design for 8 years now. Sure, you can google or research on your own, but you will not get the added benefit of years of experience. I have actively committed to observing these energies over a long period of time to become truly effective in their ability to help others ground in their charts.
Over these last 8 years I have run thousands of charts, studied celebrities, taken courses, and incorporated ALL of this into my professional training as a social worker. As a social worker, I understand first-hand how our early childhood experiences shape our adulthood and am in the perfect position to help my clients move through the after-effects of trauma and oppression. I have a strong commitment to not only the code of ethics I swore to adhere to, but also to remaining up-to-date on trauma-informed practice and ensuring that my group spaces are spaces of inclusivity for all humans in all expressions and forms.

As a social worker, it is my job to make sure that you understand that you are not inherently good, bad, right, or wrong. That you are who you are, and who you are is a divine expression of light. Through our work together I can help you identify areas of conditioning you may be carrying from childhood, or certain design limitations to look out for. Many of my clients report that after our discovery session suddenly who they were “clicked into place” to create my clarity. They also report having major healing with regards to some of the challenges they have faced throughout their lifetime.

But don’t take it from me:

Human Design Discovery Session


Everything you need to start the deconditioning process and live the life you were born to live. Includes:

Hi, I’m Amber Keyes. I’m a social worker, revolutionary and mama who is passionate about helping people find their spark, live their truth, and LOVE their lives. She loves  helping women embrace who they are and take the steps necessary to create a life they are actively in love with living. 

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After a discovery session, people always want to know how they can apply this to their relationships, family, business, etc. This one-month package gives you three hours to dive deep into the area of your life you’d most like to shift. Hours are divided into a 90-minute deep-dive, a 1-hour follow-up within 2 weeks to assess progress and go deeper, and finally a 30-min follow-up in week 4.

$888 for those who have completed a discovery session.
Want to dive right in and add Discovery Session up-front: $1111
For Intensives that require additional chart readings (family and relationship) add $111 per additional chart. Parenting intensive: starts at $888, add $111 per person.
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One-On-One Transformational Life Coaching


Ready to fully embody your design and live the life you know was meant for you? This three-month package will help you to not only ground in the basics of human design, but also help you decondition and work through your not-self themes so that you can actively create your version of the most peaceful, fulfilling, successful existence imaginable.

Human Design Discovery Session


This is a great starting point for anyone who is curious about living in alignment with their soul’s unique purpose.

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